WLNG Logo and Vorsis FM-4WLNG is a modern day local radio success story, thanks in no small part to its heritage. For many years, WLNG was a mono FM station that served the Hamptons and eastern Long Island with news, weather, lost pet announcements, and music presented by DJ’s who have been with the station for more than a quarter of a century. Some have even been there for almost half a century!

Having strong ties to the community meant that WLNG needed to be consistent, day and night.  One of the consistent signatures of the station was it’s mono sound with reverb — a throwback to days gone by, but cherished by the listeners and radio professionals alike. There’s even a jingle on the air that proclaims that DJ’s love WLNG… because of the jingles!  You always knew you were listening to WLNG, purely because of that distinctive sound.

When it was finally time to upgrade the station to FM stereo, WLNG tried using their old processor, but ran into a lot of issues. They wanted to maintain the bold sound they had achieved with their old processor in mono, but it wasn’t up to that task when running in stereo.  They then turned to Vorsis and found that the 4 band FM-4 processor could give them exactly the sound they wanted on the air, and could also fit within their budget!

With the FM-4, WLNG continues to bring all the elements of community radio to their listeners in crystal clear stereo.  The reverb, jingles, news, weather, lost pet announcements and music are still there, and they’ve never sounded better!

When the station that loves processing needs a new processor, it turns to Vorsis!

One Response to “WLNG: That SOUND!”

  • Connie Currie

    I’m hoping that radio as a whole will have the spirit of WLNG, and hang in there. A great group of people, very dedicated to radio and community, just what radio is meant to be.