Links from WHEAT:NEWS Volume 2, No. 18


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Volume 2, No. 18 published the following links:

  • Don’t just read about it, do it. Within the WIRED How To WIKI is a digital encyclopedia of nearly 700 DIY projects. Registered users can submit their own projects and advice. How to topics include making your office eco-friendly and triggering green traffic lights.
  • The main FM transmitterĀ  keeps turning itself off when the auxiliary is switched to dummy load. Probably an issue with the remote control, but how and where? Sounds like another case for Sherlock Ohms.
  • Get your retro consumer electronics fix at Radio Shack The site has browsable Shack catalogs from 1939-2005, plus history and other nostalgia. The perfect place to check out ads for 8-track tape players, CB radios and those grab bags of unidentified parts.
  • Necessity is the mother of invention. Japan’s top mobile phone operator has released a smartphone with a jacket that measures radiation levels. Details are on Physorg.
  • As the Congo prepares to have international broadband capacity via the newly-arrived ACE submarine fiber cable, issues of proper access and management remain. According to Balancingact-Africa, case studies from the other 12 West African countries with access suggest the transition could be difficult.
  • Sure, you know how satellite technology works, but do you know its history? NASA has put together a series of narratives on the development of this technology from the early days to today.

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