Links from WHEAT:NEWS Volume 2, No. 16


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Volume 2, No. 16 published the following links:

  • Check out tutorials, courses and videos on web programming, web security, programming languages and other educational materials of interest to geeks and programmers at the Google Code University. Many courses were developed by Googlers themselves.
  • Textbooks are some of the most expensive pieces of disposable literature used today, easily costing over $1,000 per semester. Amazon’s new Kindle Textbook Rental service claims 80-percent savings when renting rather than buying.
  • An infographic from tracks the growth of streaming media in different cities, as cable TV does a slow fade to black.
  • A misbehaving transmitter performs well at mid-day, but not so well early in the morning. Sounds like another case for Sherlock Ohms.
  • Heathkit is gone, but interesting vacuum tube construction projects still surface. Build the 16LS stereo amp kit from Tube Depot, dock your iPhone on it, and get retro sound from a digital source. Plans are also available.
  • A South Korean court recently awarded $932 in damages to a man who sued Apple over the iPhone’s ability to track users’ locations and store the data for up to a year. Now, many more South Koreans are making the same complaint, and seeking the same award. NPR has details.

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